Who We Serve

Most people underestimate what it takes to bring something great to life.

Fortunately, we aren’t most people. For 40 years, The Extreme Reach Production Solutions team has been supporting creatives across a number of industries. By offering a suite of payroll solutions that maximize your time and minimize your risk, we handle the complicated details so you can just go create.

Here’s who we serve:

Film & TV

Bringing a production to the screen is a huge venture.

And just like everything else that’s worth doing in life, there are going to be messy details. When that happens, we’ll be here for you. Extreme Reach Production Solutions has been providing exemplary entertainment payroll services to the Film & Television industry over 40 years. Which means, we’ve got you covered!

Reality TV

Let’s Get Real

We knew that Reality TV needed its own Hours-to-Gross payroll and compliance system… so we just went ahead and created one. Our Reality TV-specific Linx automated payroll software isn’t just global… it’s individualized for any and every complicated regulatory detail you could possibly run in to.


Payroll is already a complicated thing.

Which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing efficient, accurate and friendly service to all of the great people and brands we work with in the Print industry. Part of making payroll simple for you is also making it an awesome, seamless experience from start to finish.


You are constantly on the go. And there are only so many hours in the day.

That’s why we created an Hours-to-Gross payroll system that’s not just fast, easy and efficient: It’s also always available, anywhere in the world.

Festivals & Live Events

We’re you’re trusted expert

Whether you’re putting on a one-off live event for hundreds or a full-scale festival for thousands, we’re the industry leader in making sure all your ducks are accounted for, lined up neatly, and ready to rock.

New Media

You are on the cutting edge of dynamic, interactive content, and we love it.

However, things can get very complicated very quickly in your industry. That’s why we’ve simplified (and globalized!) the payroll process to make sure that you can keep doing what you do best.

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